Logo Design for CompuSup.Com

Logo Design for CompuSup.Com

October 18, 2015

About CSC

CompuSup.Com (CSC) has been operating since 1994 and has been in business for over 21 years.

Why CSC?

When you choose Compusup.com as your IT partner you’re choosing a company that REALLY understands not just how to implement effective IT strategies, but one that also knows what makes businesses tick. We’re more than just an IT services provider; we’re a team of passionate people who love technology AND possess the business acumen to ensure your IT is aligned with your goals.

CSC has built its reputation as an Information Technology Support vendor and therefore can be trusted. And most of all, CSC prides itself on excellent service and quality workmanship.

CompuSup.Com Clients

Here at CSC, we believe in lasting relationships with their clients. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have clients that have been with us for 21 years.


CSC is a specialized supplier of ICT Services. As a result, CSC caters to a variety of clientele. Hence our clients ranging from small medium enterprises to various corporates, NGO’s and government agencies.

Relationship with Whale Tail Marketing

Whale Tail Marketing is responsible for the online image of CSC. Therefore WTM handles CSC’s marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, web design and promotions.

Whale Tail has been working with CSC since 2015, in which they have built a strong reliance on one another.

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